As a female entrepreneur,  I am celebrating other female-founded small businesses in our community with our #femalefounders initiative. While many small businesses are struggling to make it through this pandemic; I continue to be impressed with the creativity and innovation shown by my peer group of female entrepreneurs as they pivot their businesses to continue to serve their customers.

I decided to become an entrepreneur after 20+ years of full time corporate work because I needed to be more present for my family.   As a female executive, the pressures of being my best self in work and in my personal life were a struggle. Many of us share a similar story, and I am honoured to be in the same circle as these inspiring women, who's stories and businesses I am proud to share.

We will be featuring a different local female-founded small business bi-weekly.

We are stronger together.

Catherine xoxo

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Introducing: Bag & Bougie, Michelle Kaminski


Michelle Kaminski, the founder of Bag & Bougie, began with a vision to create something classic, simple, and functional. Through her countless travels and adventures, Michelle knew what qualities were lacking in the everyday bag. Sitting in her best friend's basement, she had the idea to create the perfect collection of ultra-versatile neoprene products. Michelle has always been interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial venture and Bag Bougie offered the perfect opportunity for her to run her first business and take on a new challenge. The product line has so many amazing qualities that she truly believes in. From being an easily transportable bag, to its machine washable capabilities, it was an easy choice to dedicate her time, efforts, and capital to the venture.