• What do you think of the styles below?

  • What do you think of the styles below?

  • What do you think of the styles below?

  • What do you think of the styles below?

  • What do you think of the styles below?

  • What best represents your body shape?

  • How do you prefer your clothes to fit you?

    Top Half?
    Form Fitting Loose Both

    Bottom Half?
    Form Fitting Loose Both

  • How tall are you?



    Super tall

  • What style of jeans do you prefer?




  • Are you more of a pants & top girl or a dresses & skirt girl?

    Mostly Pants

    Mostly Skirts or Dresses

    Mix of Both

  • Are there any fabrics that you would like to avoid?

    Faux Fur





    No, I'm okay with all of them

  • What is your jewellery style?

    Mostly Classic

    Mostly Statement

    Mix of Both

  • What is your preferred tone of jewellery?

    Mostly silver

    Mostly Gold

    Mix of Both

  • Are your ears pierced?



  • Are there any Accessories that you would like to avoid?






    No, I'm okay with all of them

  • Do you wear high heels?



  • Now that we have your preferences tell us what you are shopping for.

    Business Casual

    Business Smart

    Night Out

    Lazy Day

    Errand Day


    Work It

    Daytime Pleasure

    Weekend Getaway

  • Your style preferences have been stored successfully!

    Thank you!

  • Here is your preferences!!!

    Chic :
    Boho :
    Tomboy :
    Glam :
    Classic :
    Body Type :
    Fitting Preference Top Half :
    Fitting Preference Bottom Half :
    Height :
    Jeans Style :
    Clothing Preference :
    Fabric Type :
    Jewellery Style :
    Jewellery Tone :
    Ears Pierced :
    Avoid Accessories :
    High Heel Shoes :
    Outfit Purpose :


Answering the question, “What should I wear?” Catherine Abela is offering Canadian women a fresh approach to shopping. In 2016, she created STYLEARTIST, a personal styling and shopping service, born from the idea that busy Canadian women shouldn’t have to spend hours at the mall or online to look fabulous.

Catherine spent a career mastering the art of buying for large retailers and listening to the needs of everyday Canadian women on a quest to look current. She found her employers unable to react quickly to the changing needs of clients. Armed with the knowledge that most women want to look polished and pulled together but don’t always have the time or know-how, and buoyed by the success of similar US startups, she came up with STYLEARTIST.

With STYLEARTIST, women get just what they want, when they want it, without a subscription fee and without having to go down the rabbit hole of endless online scrolling just to purchase an outfit for date night.

At the heart of STYLEARTIST is its proprietary personal shopping engine, STYLEWIZARD, a free, one-of-a-kind online styling tool that any woman can use to assemble a number of unique looks created with her needs and preferences in mind.

STYLEWIZARD offers women the fun of an online editor with an ability to mix and match from a carefully curated line of high quality, contemporary brands like Zadig & Voltaire, Mother Denim, Bailey 44, Sam Edelman, Rebecca Minkoff and more – all through a single site. To start, the customer completes a brief survey from the comfort of her home or office, and in seconds, receives several outfit suggestions tailor made for her. With just one click, she can swap out an item for another, purchase an individual piece or choose a complete head-to-toe outfit, from earrings to shoes. When a customer finds what she wants, she heads to the checkout and her purchase soon arrives lovingly packed in a single STYLEARTIST gift box.

Catherine has sought to create a chic, comfortable and efficient online shopping experience. Through her blog, she pulls from her own life, offering tips and tricks for looking good and maintaining balance in a hectic life. STYLEARTIST aims to give busy women what they crave most – a fabulous look without the shopping fuss.


about-usCatherine brings an incredible eye for emerging trends and an ability to identify and source new products and brands ahead of the market. On the heels of her role as executive vice president at a leading shoe retailer, Catherine dreamed of venturing into business for herself with an eye to changing the retail game.

Catherine has 20+ years experience buying and leading merchant teams for Town Shoes Ltd. and Hudson’s Bay Co. She successfully created and launched several private labels and worked closely with Canadian fashion royalty like Jeanne Beker and David Dixon to develop, market and sell exclusive product lines.

Catherine enjoys travelling the globe looking for new and innovative products to bring back to the Canadian market. She has a network of strong industry relationships in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

When she isn’t travelling the world building a perfectly curated assortment for her customers, she is driving her two kids to a multitude of activities around Toronto. To manage the chaos, she takes time out for yoga, running, weight training and tennis and spends quality time with her family and best girlfriends.

Catherine lives in Toronto with her husband, teenage children, and Prince the Pomsky. She spends her summers in Muskoka – her happy place.

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