How to host a Sip and Shop Party

It’s fun and easy! Just bring 5-20 friends to our beautiful Toronto Studio @ 214 Avenue Rd, pour some drinks, put out some snacks and we’ll do the rest!

And, you get rewarded!

  • Up to $500 FREE STYLEARTIST merchandise
  • PLUS, Choose your hostess gift
  • PLUS, Select hostess items at 50% off

In Person – bring 5 or more friends to our Toronto Studio, pour some drinks, put out some treats and shop! Virtual – invite your friends to shop the collection online and you still get credit! We will give you your own promo code.

Get Rewarded – As a thank you, we’ll treat you to a shopping spree. Hosts can earn hundreds of dollars in discounts and free product

Sip and Shop Party FAQ’s

How do I book a party?
Email or call 416-720-0677 or DM @shopstyleartist
Who should host a party?
Everyone! It’s a great way to connect with your friends for fun and rewards. Our typical hostess earns hundreds in free products and more at 50% off. We pride ourselves on having something for a classic, sophisticated woman, as well as the fresh-from college hipster and everyone in between. We even offer styles for tweens and teens.
How does STYLEARTIST handle invitations?
We recommend that you email a save the date, and we can send you some invite templates to use to send personalized invitations to your guest list
Where can I host a party?
Most parties are hosted at our beautiful Toronto Studio conveniently located at 214 Avenue Rd (between Dupont and Davenport). It allows your guests to enjoy the entire collection. If that isn’t convenient, we are able to bring a limited collection to your home or other location. Please inquire.
When can I host the party?
Most parties held from 5-8pm are successful any day of the week, however we can accommodate other timeframes that suit you. Just contact us with your preferred date and time and we’ll take it from there.
Can I have food and drink, and what can I serve?
Of course! We suggest light appetizers and drinks. Nuts, cheese and crackers, or cookies are popular options. We encourage you not to overboard with food; keep refreshments super simple. People are often so busy trying on clothes that they don’t eat much at the party.
What if my friends can’t make it, can they shop online?
You’ll never find the perfect date where everyone can attend. No worries! If you friends can’t make it, they’ll still be able to shop your event online using your promo code at checkout. Typically ½ to 1/3 of invited guests make the event. Even if they can make it, encourage them to visit to get an idea of what they will see at the party.
How many guests can I invite?
We love parties big and small and are grateful for every chance to style our guests. Once you confirm how many guests are attending, we will ensure to have the appropriate number of Stylists working with you for the evening. We host parties that range from 5- 40 guests. Invite all your girlfriends – especially those who love fashion and who love to shop. Encourage your guests to ask a friend to come along too!
How do I get rewarded?
As a thank you, we’ll treat you to a shopping spree. Hosts can earn hundreds of dollars in discounts and free product. For every $1000 of merchandise sold at your party (before taxes), you get $100 of free merchandise. PLUS, you get to choose your hostess gift. PLUS, for every $1000 your guests spend, you get to purchase an item at 50% off. It adds up fast. The more your friends shop, the bigger your reward! An average party with 15-20 guests earns you $500, 5 items at 50% off and a hostess gift.