Closet Staple

Closet Staple

Closet Staple

Closet Staple

Hello Styleartist friends,

As useful as black leggings, every woman should own a classic pencil skirt. This fabulous closet staple defines the feminine, sexy female shape that we all love. It  is for every woman. Petite or tall, curvy or slim, edgy or classic this little item flatters every shape. Personally I like the pencil skirt in a solid colour, I'm petite so I tend to keep things simple and let the fit of the skirt emphasize my shape and make it the focus.

Here are my top 3 pencil skirt looks.

Oversized sweater and pencil skirt: Comfy and cozy and looks awesome. Looks great with booties or high boots.

Cropped T and black pencil skirt: Show just a tiny bit of midriff. Grab a blanket scarf and why not spice it up with classic pair of Stiletto shoes.

Pencil skirt and blazer: For working women pencil skirts are the perfect office staple. They’re never passe and you look polished. Not to mention how quickly it literally can be taken from day to night.

Pencil skirts have been my go to for several occasions and I wanted to remind all my STYLEARTIST friends how versatile and easy to wear they can be. Throw on a casual rock and roll tee or a baggy cashmere sweater and you will rock this look.

Happy shopping and remember to Embrace your Shape!

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