Keeping it together over the holidays

Keeping it together over the holidays

Keeping it together over the holidays

Well, it’s finally December! Even though this somehow ends up being the most stressful month of the year we all welcome December- because we begin our countdown to the holidays. But as we look forward to a well earned break – a time to breathe and relax- after feeling like the accomplishments of the whole year are somehow now wearing on us- we know that before we get to those lazy days off, we need to hurdle over mountains of obstacles. Holiday parties, work events, family get togethers, gift giving, gift buying, baking, cooking…. Stressed yet?

My family is moving this year right on December 20th- I’m still in denial with how we are going to make it in one piece to the finish line. The holidays are time to celebrate, gift giving feels good- and parties are supposed to be fun- so why all the stress? Because we look at all of our lists as chores and check boxes to get through it, instead of sipping the egg nog slowly, playing some Christmas music, or watching a favourite old Christmas movie.

We need a plan. A plan to tackle this with less effort and more enthusiasm so that we don’t crawl through the finish line breathless and a shell of ourselves; and so that we show up looking fabulous – effortlessly.

3 Standout Holiday outfits:

• 3X1 Jumpsuit with Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps and our Jenny Bird Sloane Collar necklace.

• Bailey 44 Velvet blazer with Velvet pants, or with Mother Black Skinny Jeans and a Cami

• Jocelyn Feather Bolero with Mother Black Hi Waisted Looker jeans and camisole

Gift Giving Made easy: Shop Online! Wear your cozies, sip some wine in front of the fireplace and shop away! Most sites offer free shipping over the holidays. (we do!)

Fave gift ideas this year:

Moms- Our Fabulous plaid scarf with faux fur trim

Sistas’-Sam Edelman Cross body bag style Alisha- she will love you forever!

Daughters- Phonecases from Sonix- pineapples is a fave.

Nieces- Faux Suede choker with gold rings

Colleagues- Our Bubble umbrella!

Teachers-Soia and Kyo Fur charm. Different, and special.

For more Gift ideas- follow Instagram @shopstyleartist for our shopping guide for all the special girls in your life.

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