Let's Make 2021 One to Remember

Let's Make 2021 One to Remember

Let's Make 2021 One to Remember

Now that the holiday season is behind us and we are finding our new routine, how many of us are intending to live up to a new set of strict resolutions for 2021?   Lose 10llbs, download that work out app and get moving, keep the house cleaner, cook healthy meals every day, no more Uber Eats, walk the dog 3 times a day....sound familiar?   This year, I chose to write intentions, instead of resolutions.  This way on the days that I fail to measure up, (because I'm human after all) I won't feel like giving up, I will forgive myself and just get back on the plan. (Thanks Tamara Levitt @ Calm for this tip!)

On the note of bettering ourselves however, one of my intentions is to be more authentically and unapologetically ME.  I think we all need a reminder that 2020 was a year that will be written about in history books.  The great pandemic that disrupted the world; shuttered businesses, separated families over the holidays, loved ones lost, jobs lost, lockdowns, restrictions,  all in all a tough ride!  So please, forgive yourself for gaining that extra bit of weight, or for ordering in one too many times a week.  We are just trying to survive here!   Don't apologize for your house being dirty, or for the frozen pizza dinner - you have been a rockstar living through a very hard era.   

I challenge you to resolve this year, to be yourself.   Unapologetically.   Do you and be proud.   I'm certainly going to try.   And for anyone who chooses to judge, that's on them, not you.   

Happy New Year all, let's make 2021 the best year ever.

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