A lockdown Valentines, what to do and what to wear.

A Lockdown Valentines, What to Do and What to Wear.

A Lockdown Valentines, What to Do and What to Wear.

Galentine's Day 

Galentine’s Day, officially celebrated on February 13, is all about ladies celebrating ladies. The origin of the unofficial holiday comes from a Parks and Recreation episode in which the main character, Leslie Knope, gathers her gal pals to celebrate with brunch, gifts, and positive vibes — no boys allowed.  Last year we celebrated Galentine's Day with a girl party at the store, we all wore pink, drank pink Champagne and ate candies and caviar.  Since we can't throw any parties this year, here's a fun idea on how to celebrate with your girls this February 13th. 

Host a Cocktail Challenge Zoom Party

Plan a Cocktail Challenge Zoom party with your gal pals.   Everyone has to wear a Comfy Valentine's Themed Outfit and each girl plans to prepare a different cocktail!  Take turns mixing your drinks and sharing recipes and then toast and drink together! 


Valentine's Day

A locked-down Valentine's Day certainly puts restrictions on our plans,  but there are still creative and fun ways to celebrate with your date.

Cook together!  

Dinner with your Valentine is pretty typical, and since many of us cannot enjoy dining out at our favourite restaurant this year, we can always call in our favourite meal and have it delivered.   There's something special however about cooking together.  Plan the meal, buy the ingredients, and prepare it as a team.  The intimacy of working together sets the stage for a truly romantic evening.  

Get dressed up for Dinner!

Just because it’s your household, you can still keep things special. Get out that little black dress for the occasion.

Go On A Romantic Walk

Bundle up in your winter accessories and walk together holding hands.   

Use your outdoor space

There may well be no better time to enjoy an evening under the stars than Valentine’s Day in Lockdown.  Wear your coziest coat, get out some blankets and snuggle under the winter sky. Have you got a fire pit? Light it! Have a BBQ? Light it! Toast some marshmallows and sip on mulled wine.  If it’s possible, find some fairy lights to make it all twinkly and even more romantic.

Around the Home Bar Crawl

If you're feeling more adventurous and love a good Bar Crawl, then make each room in your home a different bar, with a different theme, different music…. and obviously different drinks! Decorations optional. Try Mojitos in the Cuban bar with dance floor, Sip a Long Island Iced Tea in the Sunset Lounge, then turn the disco lights on and sip vodka and cokes as you hit the clubs!

Or if you'd rather just stay home in your favourite cozy lounge outfit and Netflix and Chill, we get it, just don't forget to give a little love this Valentine's Day.  

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