Zoom Meeting Outfit Ideas for Working at Home

Zoom Meeting Outfit Ideas for Working at Home

Zoom Meeting Outfit Ideas for Working at Home

Since most of us are in self-isolation or quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are forced to work from home. Any face-to-face contact has been replaced by virtual meetings, using apps like Zoom to stay connected.

While working from home has its perks, when you are called to this kind of business video meeting, looking like you just fell out of bed isn’t going to be acceptable.

So, here are a few Zoom meeting outfit ideas that can help you look great even if you’re working from home (and just feel like wearing your sweats all day).

How to Look Great at a Virtual Meeting Even Though You’re Working from Home

Wear Contrasting Colours to Your Background

Wondering what to wear to a Zoom meeting? Well, before you start picking out potential wardrobe options, start by taking a look at what you’re working with in terms of your backdrop.

Before you start your meeting, check your camera on your desktop, laptop, or phone. Is it light? Dark? Busy-looking?

If you’re wearing something white or very light-coloured and the wall behind you is white, it might look like your head is floating!

Wear dark-colour tops if your back wall is light or white and vice versa if your back wall is dark.

If the wall behind you is “busy,” perhaps with a patterned wallpaper, then wear solid colours only.

Cover Up…Just in Case

When coming up with work-from-home meeting outfit ideas, some of the standard office protocols still do apply.

Stay away from plunging necklines and sleeveless tops when considering an outfit for a video conference when working at home. You may be teleconferencing from your couch, but you still need to look professional while on screen.

Don’t forget that you might not be able to get a good look at yourself while in the meeting, so you want to be sure ahead of time that your outfit prevents you from showing too much at any angle.

A blazer or a blouse with sleeves is always best. Remember, you don’t have to stay in the outfit all day; you only need it for the meeting.

Mix it Up

If you know that you’ve got more than one meeting during the week, it’s best to plan out your wardrobe.

While it’s fine to wear the same thing for one full day of meetings, showing up on screen the next day wearing the identical outfit you wore the day before isn’t going to cut it.

Make sure you have enough variety to last you for at least a week. You really only need to worry about the top portion of your body when it comes to variety. So, you can wear the same pair of pants for every meeting if you want; just make sure you mix up your tops and jackets.


Running out of Zoom meeting outfit ideas? Accessories can go a long way in creating a fresh look.

For example, mixing in different scarves can allow you to wear the same blouse more than once.

Even jewellery can make a bigger difference than you think. Mixing it up with a variety of necklaces or even changing a broach can make an outfit look that much different on a video call.

Larger jewellery makes a bigger impact on video, so consider that chunky chain necklace instead of that tiny, delicate one. But don’t go overboard—you definitely want to avoid any clanking bracelets or overly distracting jewellery pieces.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

When you’re stumped on what to wear to a video meeting, remember: no one is seeing you in person, so you can get away with some things you might not be able to at the office.

For example, if you there’s a rip on the back of your favourite dress shirt, no one in the video conference will know!

Or if you have an outfit that doesn’t fit properly, you might still be able to get away with wearing it on a video call. If it’s too small near the bottom, but out of camera range (and you can comfortably suck it in for the meeting), you can make it work.

Likewise, if it’s too big, pin it at the back to make it fit.

And don’t worry about even wearing dress pants if no one can see below your waist.

These times are stressful enough without worrying about having to be absolutely perfect in your at-home office attire.

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