Be Good to Yourself

Be Good to Yourself

Be Good to Yourself

Be Good to Yourself

Hello STYLEARTIST friends!

I just spent last weekend at the cottage; the ice and snow has melted; the chill in the air gone, and the sun was shining, which inspired me to start bringing out the patio furniture, getting our place ready for the best 3 months of the year! This really got me thinking about getting myself ready for summer- my body and my mind. As we prepare for these glorious long days filled with sunshine, laughter and fun, we pack away our coats, scarves, mitts and boots to make room for our summer dresses, shorts, tees and sandals. We begin to bare our arms, legs, shoulders, and midriffs (?), and realize we need a plan pronto!

I’m going to assume that everyone knows WHAT needs to be done to get in shape for the summer, and spare you the lecture about not ingesting any carbs or alcohol for the next 6 weeks …what I would like to do is share my easy summer prep tips. These are behaviours you may choose to adopt over the next crucial 6 weeks to make a difference and ease into summer stress free. To quote the famous definition of insanity: “doing the same thing and expecting different results” we need to consciously change our intentions and our behaviours to see a different result in the end. Keep in mind, to look good, you need to feel good, healthy, rested and happy.

My Top 10 Prepare for Summer Do’s that you actually CAN do and will make a difference…

Get a pedicure and choose a bright colour for your toes.
Choose a new summer hair style– whether it’s cropping it short or letting it grow out so it’s easy to tie up, or highlighted to contrast your summer skin.
Drink extra water. I bought myself a SWELL water bottle and I keep it on me all day and refill it constantly. My water is still cold 24 hours later. I recommend you get one, it works and you will drink more water.
Increase your daily intake of natural diuretics- cucumber and lemon are easy. Try making my favorite morning drink: Mix ice, a slice of lemon, cucumber and water in a blender– you can add cilantro or mint for taste.
Reduce foods high in carbs- bread, pasta, cookies. Keep protein snacks in your bag and your fridge (cheese sticks, ham slices, and Greek yogurt). Eat a lot of protein for breakfast. (Egg white omelettes work best!)
Reduce alcohol intake. There – I said it. My tip? Don’t deny yourself, just reduce the number of drinks. Substitute with Perrier with lemon and drink it in a wine glass.
Exercise frequently, even if it is only 10 mins/day. Download the free ‘7 Minute workout’ app. It’s only 7 mins and you will be sweating- there is no equipment required, you can do it at home. After you get the hang of it, try doing it twice or even 3 times and you will accomplish an amazing workout in under 30 mins.
Take up Power Yoga. I’m a firm believer that this type of workout brings the most rewarding results the fastest, to your body and your mind. Not only do you feel relaxed afterwards, but you will see a leaner and more toned body quite quickly!
Relax- Take a detox bath once a week: Soak in hot water, lavender oil, Epsom salts and baking soda for about 20 mins. Hint: do this at night because it will make you feel very sleepy!
Laugh and unwind- Plan a girl’s weekend away or at least a long lunch with the girls. I’m sending this to you from the fresh mountain air in Whistler- I booked myself a 3 day getaway to spend with one of my favourite girls 

Good luck to you! So from now on please embrace spring: choose bright colours over black; open toe sandals over boots; trench coats over parkas; light blue denim over black denim; dresses over sweaters and laughter over stress!


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