Accessorize for Effortless Style

Accessorize for Effortless Style

Accessorize for Effortless Style

Accessorize for Effortless Style

STYLEARTIST friends! During my 20+ year career as a Retail Executive I had the pleasure of attending many fashion shows and trend presentations in big cities all over the globe: London, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, L.A. and Hong Kong.  To be honest, the fashion world can be quite intimidating and unapproachable, and the trends are not always relatable to the everyday woman.  I am creating STYLEARTIST because I want to bring fashion to women everywhere.  Our look is aspirational, however approachable.  We don’t want to intimidate you, our focus is on being accessible to everyday women.  We won’t overwhelm you with a tonne of brands, we are very curated, and have selected the right items for your wardrobe.   I describe our style as “effortless”, because we all aspire to be that woman who can pull off stunning without looking like she’s trying too hard. My best kept secret: Accessorizing!  All you need are your favourite pair of denims and we can create an effortless stylish look from casual to chic with this seasons’ hottest accessories listed below!  (By the way my new go to denim brand is MOTHER- they are seriously the PERFECT jean, and I am excited to announce we have chosen MOTHER to be our exclusive denim line at

Straw Fedora

This is a staple.  Put on a straw fedora and you automatically look stylish.  It’s that simple.  Keep this for daytime casual however, no fedoras out at night please!

Slogan Tees

These are seriously addictive.  Politics has never been so trendy and is playing a huge role in fashion with everyone wearing their beliefs and philosophies written on their shirts.  Or, on a lighter note, simply just making a fun cheeky statement.   If there is one season to be rebellious it’s the summer time!

Bright Coloured Bag

Add a bright coloured bag! No matter what your bag looks like, when it’s a bright colour, people will compliment you on it.  I recommend a cross body bag for casual daytime and a clutch or pouch for the night.

Statement Earrings

I’m over statement necklaces, it’s time for us to focus on our ears! With the huge cold shoulder and off the shoulder trend this season, I love leaving necks bare and accessorizing with statement earrings. And don’t feel you need to match them, you can pull off two different styles- once again a little rebellious.

Layered Bangles

In the summer I find myself wanting to exude a more bohemian vibe to express how laid back I feel.   Layer coloured bangles on your arm for this look and keep them on day to night!

Mule Mania

It’s Mule Mania this season!  From dressy satin mules, to mules with block heels, to logo pool slides for a more casual look, or mules with kitschy details.  So lots of choices for dressing down or up, just ensure you can slide your foot in and you’re on trend!  


The ankle is the new cleavage this season, with the crop jean being the hottest denim style for spring/summer.  With all ankles bared, we need beautiful ankle bracelets to bring attention to this sexy part of the body.

Make up

Keep it simple for summer, don’t overdo.  When going out remember the rule to work on either your eyes or your lips.  If you’re into a super made up eye, keep your lips neutral.  Personally I love the opposite, I simply wear a little mascara with a bright red or bright pink lip. I’m heading out to a dinner tonight at one of my favourite restaurants on College Street.  I’m wearing my favourite cropped skinnies with a black cami, fabulous heels, statement earrings and a bright red lip!   For me it’s all about the lipstick and the shoes! Till the next time, Catherine


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