Beat the February Blahs!

Beat the February Blahs!

Beat the February Blahs!

Is it me or does February feel like it lasts 120 days, and it’s actually the shortest month of the year? This is the month when you feel down in dumps. The sparkle of the holiday season is long over, and your zest for being the “best” you with your newly written list of new years’ resolutions is now fizzling. And to top it all off, it's cold outside! Below are my tips on beating the February blahs, including ways to freshen up your look as well as your mood.

I like to start off by making my “pick me up” list, it really works. Think of 4-5 things to do that make you feel good and then immediately schedule them in the upcoming week. Mine looked like this: book a massage and a manicure, take a power yoga class, brunch with an old friend, sign up for a dance class, and book a romantic dinner in a quiet Italian restaurant with my husband. Done! Bring on the cold, snowy week!

Not only our mood, but our look could also use a little inspiration at this time of year. Here are my 3 fave February fashion tips. Let’s face it we have to keep warm, so try belting your coat and add a colourful toque to punch up the look. Feeling nostalgic for the beach? Wear your favourite summer dress with tights and a sweater, or slip on a pair of pretty pumps (get a pedi first!) Just wear your winter boots to trudge through any bad weather and change your footwear at the door! It will lighten your mood to give your feet a break from the heavy boots you have been living in for the last 3 months!

Remember, February is tough so be good to yourself and don’t push yourself so hard. Don’t take wine and carbs entirely out of your diet so that you can lose that 10 pounds that you’ve been trying to drop since the holidays- just reduce. Do try different herbal teas, light your favourite scented candles and take vitamin D! If the sun does happen to creep out- get outside and let it shine on your face

Stay warm!


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