March Break Packing Tips!

March Break Packing Tips!

March Break Packing Tips!

I think the timing of March break is just perfect. Not just because my birthday falls right in the middle of it- so since being a mother of school aged kids I have spent my special day enjoying cocktails on the beach for as long as I can remember. March Break marks the end of the wintery weather- freezing temps and snowstorms be gone! We come back from our trips south relaxed and glowing, ready to chuck our boots away, and throw a pair of spring mules on our bare feet!

My kids get to enjoy 2 weeks off, and this year I’m spending 3 days on a mother-daughter trip to South Beach, and then returning to then go to Turks and Caicos with the whole family (minus Prince our Pomsky ). A pre-vacation vacation. So since I have beach outfits on my brain, I thought I would share my going south packing tips.

• Always check the weather at your destination prior to packing- I recommend getting the Weather Network App on your phone- it’s always accurate and gives hour by hour weather updates! There’s no excuse for taking the wrong stuff!

• I really should name my Cashmere Blanket Scarf, because she is my travel companion. Cozy on the plane, and the perfect throw in case temps dip lower than expected; or the AC is on too high at dinner after a day in the sun.

Summer Dresses are so easy. Depending on the length of your vacation, pack a few. For a 1 week trip I always pack at least 5. So much easier than planning a whole outfit- just throw on a dress and slides and you’re ready for a patio dinner!

Flat sandals- unless you’re vacationing in a big city- pretty flats are perfect, especially the super trendy slides. If you want to dress it up a little with a heel, I recommend chunky heeled sandals and not stilettos- they have more of a beachy vibe. And don’t forget to throw in a pair of Tkees!

• A White Oversized Shirt is a must, especially one which is long in the back. This can be tucked in and worn with jeans on the plane, and then also thrown over your bathing suit to walk down to the beach!

• I can’t travel without my favourite Mother Jeans. Right now I’m loving our Cropped Blue Jeans- ankles are the new cleavage ladies!

• Ok, here are my rules on Handbags- Take a Tote as your carry on- plus a small cross body or clutch. The tote becomes the beach bag, and your small bag for nighttime or daytime shopping. Please don’t be that lady lugging a huge bag to dinner- you’re on vacation girl, lighten up!!

Sunnies- always wear shades. A must. Remember too much squinting in the sun creates wrinkles!

Jewellery- Keep it simple. I wear my favourite pieces on my travel day and keep them on all week. If you want to play it fancy then throw in a couple of statement earrings or necklaces.

Well that’s it from me, I’m off to pack. I wish you a wonderful and peaceful week, travel safe! Catherine.

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