Gift Giving Options for the Women in Your Life

Gift Giving Options for the Women in Your Life

Gift Giving Options for the Women in Your Life

Although the holiday season isn’t about the gifts, everyone enjoys receiving a well-thought out present. Giving gifts is part of developing healthy, affectionate relationships because they are a simple gesture of kindness and thoughtfulness. Gifts can express how much people matter to each other and can help create a stronger bond and deeper connection between you and your loved ones. This holiday season, you can shop from a variety of stunning fashion jewellery, women’s clothing, and fabulous footwear online for the women in your life. These trendy gift options from STYLEARTIST can help you express how much you care, while also ensuring your favourite women look and feel their best.

Trendy Gift Options for Women

Trendy Gift Options for Women


Staying warm is a high priority for women this time of year! With some days reaching in the double digits below zero, it’s a huge benefit to receive a gift that’s not only stylish, but also warm! Paired with leggings, tunic sweaters and V-neck dresses are cozy choices for work or play, while cowl neck sweaters are a great choice for women who like versatility. These particular sweaters look great off the shoulder but can also be bunched up around the neck like a scarf. What’s more cozy than that?!


While your special someone is lounging for the holidays, she might enjoy slipping into something light and comfortable. Joggers are a great option for women who want to feel great from their head to their toes. These cozy pants are made of soft materials that make working out, running errands, and curling up for a movie a lot more fun! If soft materials are your woman’s weakness, Cashmere joggers and super soft grey joggers are terrific options. They also look great when paired with a white tee shirt and a denim jacket!


Today’s scarf styles are so versatile! There are endless colours and styles to choose from that look great on every woman. Whether you want to stuff her stocking with a small sheer scarf, keep her warm with a long fringe scarf or big blanket scarf, or kick up the elegance with a faux fur infinity scarf, there are so many options to choose from!

Oversized Clothing

A few years ago, oversized clothing became a huge fashion trend. Women love wearing leggings with an oversized sweater or shirt, and believe it or not, it doesn’t look sloppy at all! The key is to maintain balance. Oversized jeans with a tailored dress shirt or blazer can look surprisingly classy when paired up with pumps and neck jewellery. If you’re looking for great options that your female friend will love, the ragdoll tee with leopard print and Vince drop shoulder sweater are great options. Denim lovers might enjoy slipping into the Rabens chambray oversized shirt!

80s Fashion

If your special someone is reminiscent of the 80s, you’re in luck! The style has stuck around and many women, young and mature, are still enjoying the trend. If you’re looking for designer clothes that the women in your life might enjoy, try a retro pair of high waisted jeans or a flirty leopard print blouse. Or you could always opt for a pair of spandex tights, paired with an oversized sweater.  


When it’s time to sing “Jingle Bells” it’s also time to bring out the sparkle! Some women love wearing bright colours and shiny fashion accessories to stand out while they’re out on the town or simply just running errands with the kids. There’s something about that sparkle that catches the eye! There are many accessories you can fill your special lady’s stocking with, such as the Rebecca Minkoff Leo clutch. There are many other non-sparkly accessories you could choose from too. The Soia and Kyo pom pom toque, faux fur chain clutch, jean phone cross body, and Sonix sunglasses are great options!


Another great gift idea for women are shoes! If you know her shoe size, you’re on your way to finding gorgeous options online. Does she like heels? Check out the Sam Edelman pumps. Does she need more stability for walking? The Louise et Cie Jalzy heels are perfect! How about a little more coverage for commuters? The Louise et Cie bootie covers the whole foot and includes stunning details like a gilded side zipper and lacquered trim. Need something more seasonal? The Sam Edelman redwood knee-high boots are just right. This soft, flexible leather boot is cozy for walking around in the winter. All she’ll need to stay warm and cozy is a pair of warm winter socks!

Jackets & Coats

Last, but certainly not least, are coats and jackets! Show the woman in your life how special she is by wrapping her up in a beautiful, warm coat. There are many different styles to suit each woman: the teddy coat for casual looks, the Bailey 44 lace Dracula velvet coat for indoor occasions, the classic black blazer, and so much more!

How STYLEARTIST Can Help You Find the Perfect Gift

Women are busier than ever this time of year! As natural shoppers, they love giving gifts to others and finding the best deals as they browse. But during this hectic time of year, you can repay the favour by treating her to something extra special. If you’re shopping for a woman (or yourself) who loves to dress in the latest styles, but wants the luxury and comfort of quality brands, STYLEARTIST can help. We receive new items each week, so your shopping experience will always include fresh options. We make it easier to look and feel great by offering you the luxury of a personal stylist and access to full wardrobe options, all in one place!

Not a fan of online shopping? We also offer personalized, full-service concierge and personal styling appointments. From head to toe, we can help you curate the right outfit for the right occasion thanks to our Style Wizard.


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