How to Dress Fashionably in Your 40s

How to Dress Fashionably in Your 40s

How to Dress Fashionably in Your 40s

If you’re a woman in her 40s, chances are that you already have your own sense of style or a signature look. This is great because it means you know the kinds of colours, themes, and pieces that look best on you, not to mention the styles that make you feel comfortable. But what if you don’t know what clothing suits you best and you need some advice on what the latest trends are? At STYLEARTIST, we can help you piece together outfits—from head to toe—that look great on you. Whether you are a busy stay-at-home mom, or a professional woman on-the-go, the following clothing and accessories are perfect for women in their 40s and combine age-appropriate style and comfort. Keep reading to learn more about these hot trends!

Pale Pink and Neutrals

Pale Pink and Neutrals

Both elegant and feminine, blouses or any pieces that are pale pink or neutral in shade are soft and appealing to the eyes. Even if the item is more relaxed, like this satin blouse, the overall look is professional and classy. This is a must-have staple in every working girl’s wardrobe.

Leopard Print

While some tease that animal print is no longer a good look, brands continue to create them, and customers go wild for them. For a dress-down day at work, you can pair this beautiful leopard tunic blouse with dark denim pants for a dramatic yet comfortable look.

Lace Details

What is it about lace that makes women feel so sexy? You don’t need to show off your lingerie to enjoy lace in your outfit. Keep it classy by wearing a light velvet camisole underneath your blazer for a relaxed look. Whether you’re on a dinner date or enjoying an evening with your friends, this beautiful top is so versatile.

California-Vibe Luxe Sweats

California-Vibe Luxe Sweats

Who says running errands can’t be stylish? Comfort is key when you’re an on-the-go mom, especially when it feels like you’re expected to be in two places at once! Toss away your old sweats from three years ago and invite luxury into your wardrobe. This Aviator Nation crew sweatshirt is the perfect cozy shirt to wear at the grocery store, soccer practice, or even during carpool. It’s made of high-quality materials and already feels broken-in on the first wear.

Bright Prints

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is—colour always works. Say “goodbye” to the winter blues with vibrant, colourful items! This red silk blouse is loose, breathable and looks great on all body types. The floral print adds a feminine look, so you can pair it with your favourite jeans or leather jacket and still look elegant.


Thank goodness for the modern trend of oversized clothing! No need to wear tight-fitted pants and tops that make you feel exposed and uncomfortable. Instead, women of all ages are loving the feeling of slipping into clothes that are intentionally designed to fit too large. Oversized coats are perfect for winter—they’re on-point with today’s trends, and they allow you to layer up underneath for extra warmth. It’s a win-win!

Matchy Matchy

Matchy Matchy

Elegant suiting is another trend today’s women love. Wearing the same colour and style on top and bottom gives your outfit uniformity and elongates your legs! Consider these wide leg bottom sailor dress pants, for example. The front buttons accentuate your curves, and the mid-waist style makes your legs appear longer and slimmer. Talk about a flattering item!  


Camouflage chic—it’s a trend that refuses to go out of style! This military jacket crops at the waist so you can rock your high-waisted black jeans and plain white tee-shirt and feel comfortable and elegant.

Confused or Undecided? Try Our Style Wizard

If you love these options but don’t know where to begin to shop, or simply hate the shopping experience and find it stressful and time-consuming, we can help you!

STYLEARTIST solves the problem for women who do not know where to go or do not have the time to find quality wardrobe pieces that work for them. We’ve already done the research on finding what’s on trend for women 35+ and have chosen reputable designers and brand names that you will love. Our women’s clothing options online are age-appropriate, stylish, and high-quality.

To get a customized outfit based on your specific style, simply visit our web site, fill out the pop up quiz, and you will be directed to a series of outfits you can easily shop from! You can shop the look as it is or make adjustments for an even more customized outfit.

Our services also include Sip and Shop parties where you and your friends spend an evening shopping and trying on our stylish outfits. We also offer a fashion concierge service where one of our stylists arrives at your home with a variety of hand-picked items you can choose from. You can try on the clothes in the comfort of your bedroom and enjoy a personal shopping experience without the inconveniences of shopping malls.

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