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I believe that the power of colour is underestimated. I want to share a true story to explain my point. Over 20 years ago, on a business trip to New York City, I decided to spend a sizeable amount of my hard earned paycheque on a plain black top from Barney’s. The top was simple, nothing special, but the fact that I was shopping at Barneys was thrilling! The experience, and the shopping bag made it worth it. I couldn’t wait for people to compliment me on my new top and ask me where I got it- so I could smugly say “Oh, Barney’s “, like I shopped there regularly and this was no big deal. Sometime that same week I popped into Winners to get some kids’ stuff and ended up grabbing a pastel blue blouse for $29.99.

Well- no one, absolutely no one commented on my black top- and no one asked me where I got it....but absolutely everyone- and I mean even random strangers passing by on the street, stopped me to compliment my pastel blue blouse and ask me where I got it. Seriously.

I’m reminded of this story this spring season, as pastels are in full bloom. I know there is a scientific explanation behind how different colours affect our moods - and I would bet that pastels bring us inner peace, calm, and happiness. I am totally embracing pastels as we transition from the cold and dark winter into bright sunny spring. Not to worry- if you’re not comfortable in head to toe pink, you can always introduce just a little touch of pastel in your wardrobe.

Accessorize with Pastels! Throw on a light pink cashmere scarf and wear it with a soft pink cross body purse. Or, my personal favourite, wear a pastel velvet baseball cap in pink or pale blue- which looks super cool worn with an oversize cardigan or jacket. (Also a quick fix if it’s a bad hair day!)

A little more Pastel Power? Wear a lilac kimono over your favourite blue jeans with a pair of neutral coloured mules. Keep your accessories lighter in colour when you wear pastels- black will take away the softness impact of the look.

Full on Pastels! If you’re totally ready to pack up your dark woollies and Uggs – I say go for head to toe pastels! This is the season to do it. And random strangers will stop you on the street to compliment you- I promise.

By the way, I ended up telling everyone the blue blouse was from Barney’s!

Wishing everyone a lovely long weekend. Here’s to hoping you wear something pink!


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