My Dream Summer Job

My Dream Summer Job

My Dream Summer Job

My name is Sierra and I am lucky enough to be the summer intern here at Style Artist! I am originally from Scarborough, Toronto but have moved to Vancouver, BC just under five years ago. I am studying Business at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island but am back in the big city for the summer!

I have been working with Style Artist for almost two months now and have already learned more than I could ever fit in a blog post! Since Style Artist recently opened and is a relatively small company, I am able to try and experience every aspect of the business. Here are some of the many thing things I have been doing; Inventory, Social Media, Photo Editing, Buying Meetings, A Sip&Shop Party, Website Updates, Analytics and even modeled in a photoshoot!

Having the opportunity to work on all the different parts of the business has been amazing in helping me figure out what parts I love and what aspects I want to avoid when working towards my own career. For example I love helping with the social media and participating in buying meeting because it is a creative outlet as well as discovering new styles at buying meetings is so fun! The Sip&Shop clothing party was SO cool, I get to shop with women as a part of my job? WHAT?!

This is also my first job with professional work hours which makes me feel like a true business woman! A work day for me looks like this: wake up around 7:30, eat breakfast, get ready and bus to the office for 8:30, depending on what is going on that day I will be computer based, in the stock room or out of the office.

Working with Catherine and Michelle at Style Artist has solidified in me that I too want to create and own my own business. I see behind the scenes how much work goes into every aspect of the business and that there are so many little things that are so important to the smoothness of operations. However this opportunity has also revealed to me the benefits of all the hard work, they have complete freedom in how they go about the business, whether it be on the creative side, operations, customer service, shipping or as simple as working from home once and a while.

I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship and fashion, and this internship has reassured me that it is something I want to pursue. I am so beyond thankful to have this opportunity to come back to my hometown and work with a business that is so on point in the industry I want to eventually be a part of. I have learned so much and continue to learn so much each day!


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