Speedy Strategies for Busy Women

Speedy Strategies for Busy Women

Speedy Strategies for Busy Women

Speedy Strategies for Busy Women

When will I get off this hamster wheel called life? IS there a slow time of year anymore?  Or is hectic the new normal?  This is our life ladies, let’s face it.   We long for the luxury of slowing down, however at this point in our life it’s just not possible. Instead of fighting it- we must find smart strategies to live in this harried world looking effortlessly chic! I thought I’d share some of my favourite quick fixes that I have adopted over the years of being a working and travelling parent, wife, daughter, friend, sister, aunt…etc. Staying on top of appointments, meetings, house chores, social engagements, and most importantly being there for our families – is not an easy task!  Throw in a travel schedule with time changes and you really need a strategy to manage it without reaching breaking point.

Fashion fix:

Accessorizing an outfit correctly converts a plain ‘I don’t have time to care’ look into one that looks pulled together.  Take a white tee with jeans- throw on a pair of embellished mules, a soft shoulder bag, a floral printed silk scarf, statement earrings, and a pair of tinted sunglasses and your look is now transformed into fabulously chic – effortlessly.

Handbags!  Most women have their go-to handbag that sits on the kitchen counter and they grab it daily as they run out the door regardless of their outfit.  But the bag really makes a difference.   Tip:  Keep all your necessary bits that stay in your purse: lipstick, mirror, Kleenex, phone charger etc. in a pouch- then just pop the pouch into your bag each time you need to change it up.  Simple!  (We will be selling a collection of these pouches at STYLEARTIST.com) Pay attention to your Shoes!  Please don’t tell me you leave a couple of pairs of your favourite shoes at the front door and then slip them on as your run out- regardless of what you are wearing???  Shoes complete your outfit and have the power of turning a very basic outfit into looking stylish.

Beauty Fix:

I have two favourite beauty tricks that have saved me from many tough spots: Dry shampoo- Keeping your hair well styled every day is time consuming if you plan to wash it daily.   So style your hair once every couple-few days (varies depending on thickness and oiliness) and spray some dry shampoo on the in between days to keep hair feeling freshly washed without the hassle of a two hour regime.   My second favourite beauty trick – did you know that long eyelashes and bright lipstick automatically make you look younger and fresher?  A perfect solution for those mornings after the night before.

Time saving Apps:

Now that you’re looking stylish and need to get out into the busy city- you don’t want to waste valuable time in traffic, or desperately looking for parking. Two of my most used phone apps (ok after Instagram) are WAZE and Green P.   Waze is a game changer and will save you at least 20-30 mins a day of wasted traffic time.   Green P is also a stress reliever – managing your meter from the comfort of a restaurant is a time and money saver. So there it is! Till the next time, keep calm and drink Pina coladas :) Catherine

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