To Splurge or to Save? That is the Question

To Splurge or to Save? That is the Question

To Splurge or to Save? That is the Question

To Splurge or to Save? That is the Question

I want to address this controversial shopping question, because it is the basis of how we are building your perfect wardrobe at STYLEARTIST. There are pieces that we should not hesitate to spend our hard earned dollars on, and then there are pieces that should be cheap and cheerful.  How to decipher which falls into which camp is a personal decision, there is no right or wrong- however if you want to put some rationale behind it, I recommend you consider these two factors when shopping:  Longevity and Flexibility.


Is this a classic style that will not be considered outdated after 6 months to a year? Or is it a very trendy piece that worn next year will make you look passé?   As a rule, I usually don’t splurge on extremely trendy items- like fringes, tassels or trend colours (hello camo).  Speaking of camo,  we are seeing a lot of it for early fall- however we are limiting it to fun and easy pieces like a baseball cap, and a great vintage tee and sweatshirt.    When building your classic wardrobe essentials, this is the time to splurge because, let’s face it, you can wear them everywhere and with everything for every occasion.

Wardrobe Essentials

Here is my list of splurge worthy items: tailored blazer, white shirt, chambray shirt, striped shirt, white tee, cashmere sweater, cardigan, dark wash denim, black pants, black leggings, pencil skirt, black dress.


What can I wear it with? Does this piece work with at least 3 items in your wardrobe?  That’s my rule of thumb.  Take a white tee shirt or a pair of black leggings,  these items can be mixed and matched with just about anything in your wardrobe and serve multiple uses, so go ahead and spend your money, you won’t regret it.  When and where can I wear this piece?  Consider a pair of jeans and the amount of flexibility you get from them- the options are endless.  (Especially if you buy them in a dark wash).  You can dress them up for business casual, date night, girls’ night out, or a dinner party; or keep them casual for running errands, or meeting a friend for coffee.  So go ahead- spend, spend, spend!  At STYLEARTIST we are denim lovers, however we understand the importance of the right fit and cut – not only to look good but also for comfort.

A lot of people ask for my position on splurging on shoes- yes of course a good fitting shoe is important, especially if you are on your feet a lot. However there are well made shoes available for $150- $1500 so when do we splurge and when do we save?   Same rule goes here- longevity and flexibility.  I would splurge on a black riding boot, a classic pump in nude, an ankle bootie, a ballet flat, a strappy sandal and a slip on sneaker.  But if I want a shoe in orange?  Or with tassels and pom poms?  Buy the knock off!  There is a reason these are the ones left over on the clearance rack at season end. In the end of the day, your gut should know what the right decision is for you. When you’re about to drop one month’s salary on a pair of shoes…are you totally in love and can’t live without them?  Then get them!   If you’re not sure and you need to ask your friends for advice- then don’t do it! Till the next time, I will leave you with this thought, Forget the rules, if it makes you happy buy it!


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