Embrace What You Have

Embrace What You Have

Embrace What You Have

Embrace What You Have

it that we always covet what we don’t have? If we have curly hair we wish to tame our unruly mop, and if we have straight hair we spend a fortune on curling appliances. If we are curvy we wish to be less voluptuous, and if we are tall and long-limbed we wish for curves….Why don’t we just embrace what we were blessed with and flaunt it just a bit? This summer I have decided that my look will accentuate and highlight the assets I was given. Instead of trying to pull off the hottest trends, I will adopt only the ones that work with my shape and look, and interpret them to portray my own unique and effortless style. I want to share some of my favourite summer looks that work best with each different body type. Just remember the rule, always wear only one revealing piece – ideally to highlight your best parts. This pulls off “sexy” effortlessly and tastefully, without looking like you may be trying too hard. Curvy girls should accentuate upper body and waist with a deep V top and high waisted wide pants. Those of you blessed with long legs – go ahead and show them off with a short skirt or shorts, worn with a fabulous loose sweater or collared shirt. Great neck and shoulders? Keep them bare in this season’s off the shoulder tops, and cover up your legs in wide leg pants or a long skirt.

Curvy girls

A long wrap dress worn with high wedge sandals, a statement necklace, big sunglasses, and a clutch or pouch to hold your necessities. The dress and necklace are enough distraction, keep the bag simple.
Wide pants worn with a fitted v-neck tee, high wedge or platform sandals, and plenty of beaded bracelets.
Flowy shorts worn with a fitted tank top and a crisp shirt worn open on top. Cute white sneakers and aviator sunglasses.

Leggy girls

Ubiquitous cut off jean shorts with a button menswear shirt, straw fedora, and flat sandals.
Short ruffled skirt worn with a loose sweater, crossbody saddle bag and long pendant necklace.

Great shoulders

Off the shoulder top with fabulous statement earrings worn with high-waisted jeans.
Tank dress with sneakers, aviator or tortoise rim sunglasses and a jean jacket.

Hippy girls

Baggy short t shirt dress with white sneakers and large comfy sweater over for chilly nights. Wear with a long pendant necklace.
Mini skater skirt with your favourite white tee dressed up with a statement necklace and wedge sandals

Petite girls

This season matching sets are totally in! A monotone look makes you look taller and longer. Match a top to your skirt, shorts or pants. If you can’t find a set you like, just wear two of your own pieces in the same colour. All over white always looks fresh!

I will sign off on that note, as white on white is my favourite look every summer. And there’s no better time to start pulling it off then this weekend! Till the next time, Catherine


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