My spin on Stylish Sportswear!

My spin on Stylish Sportswear!

My spin on Stylish Sportswear!

As an entrepreneur, I have the luxury of working from home from time to time and I’m all about stylish comfort.  Wearing sweatpants and t-shirts all day is one thing.  However, making that outfit look stylish is another altogether.

Pulling off a stylish athleisure look is easier than you think.  You probably have many of the pieces in your wardrobe, you just need to add what you’re missing and put it all together.  

I work out regularly, 3-5 times a week.  Rather than looking like I am heading right to the gym, I like to amp it up just a little bit – you never now who you may run into.  I often get dressed for work and the gym at the same time.  With no time to run home and change on my office days, I have found a few tricks that I allow me to mix the two and still look stylish and feel great.

Here are some of my tips to pull off this cool, comfortable look.

  1. Don’t overcomplicate things: It’s all about balance. If you’re wearing tights, add a baggy sweatshirt or longer jacket. If you’re wearing sweatpants wear a fitted top with a puffy bomber jacket or jean jacket. 
  2. Glam it up: You can take this look to another level with stylish accessories. Pleather black leggings with a white tee is so simple. A nice pair of earrings, a cute cap and sunglasses…BOOM!  Add a stunning handbag and cool sneaks and your otherwise basic outfit is now cool and chic…not to mention comfortable.
  3. Think about your feet:  Shoes can add a whole new dimension to your outfit. My fave look is slim fitting sweatpants with heels or sandals, you have heard this from me before. Throw on a leather jacket and you can now meet the girls for cocktails. If you’re more of a sneaker girl this is a great look as well. White sneakers are huge right now… make the most of it.  
  4. Plaid shirts: Grab your favourite plaid shirt and tie it around your waist. It hides your lumps and bumps and is a great layer to throw on if you get chilly. It also looks edgy cool. My super soft plaid shirt and my doc martins are a perfect fit together (90’s grunge flashback).

Fashion trends are forever changing.  But I think street/sportswear isn’t going anywhere.  Athleisure is bigger then a trend and I couldn’t approve more.  Most importantly, you’ve got to feel comfortable.   Fashion is attitude and attitude is everything.

Till next time… stay stylishly comfortable.


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